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October 2019

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Last week I had the pleasure of learning a German word, "ERSATZ" it means the description of an artificial substitute for something usually of inferior quality. And I was thinking about how people whom aren't really speaking their personal TRUTH, and being real with whom they say they are affects not ONLY, themselves and everyone around them. Why are people so plastic? Why are people so focused on being someone that they aren't? Why is it easier, to be something other than yourself? It isn't, we have

I had the blessing, and fortune of being born into a family of SOME inimitable, courageous, righteous, well groomed, charming MEN! My uncles, raised by my Strong great grandmother, Mrs. Pearly Clifton, the ONLY real grandmother that I knew, Not to diminish my father's mother, Mrs. Margaret Whorton, as she was a FORCE in her own right! But I'm speaking of my grandmother, Mrs. Pearly Clifton, and Louis Clifton's Children, my grandparents were ex- slaves, Black Choctaw Indians, who made a GREAT life for their 23 Children,

If you know anything about me, I AM FINITE in my abilities to assist others to HEAL their bodies, spirits, and their minds, but some individuals that rest in their EGO's ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, expect something for NOTHING, ALWAYS attempting to manipulate anyone that will PLAY their GAME, WELL, NO MORE FREE RIDES, Bargains or anything ELSE, Point BLANK, PERIOD! My reputation, speaks for it's SELF! I work hard, and My spiritual sisters, Work hard to Make this a better PLACE for YOU and ME, Remember

Many times as WE are bogged down by the reality of this life, we forget to Dream, and have a PHANTASMAGORIA Dream, The Word PHANTASMAGORIA means a dream like state in which images both real or imagined blur together, just like life, as reality, and dreams sometimes become so close that we can literally taste them. I dream of a WORLD that children are safe, loved, and people of all RACES are really FREE! That we are Kind to one another, and have compassion, and Love, and