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July 2019

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Today I was informed that my sister, my oldest sister had a stroke, and I immediately felt sadness, because Most people do not or are not able to notice the signs of a Stroke, and the signs are the bodies why of signaling to us that something isn't right within the body. My nieces weren't aware of the signs, as this may have been preventable, life is SO precious, and MOST people just walk through life EXISTING, not really living! My sister had given up along time

Today I was reflecting on the healing of laughter to the soul, and I thought about all of the life experiences that made me laugh my behind off! I recall the family dinners, that my family would have with so much HOKUM, drama, as most families do, we would attempt to catch up with one another every Sunday, when my sister Betty, one of my favorite people in the UNIVERSE would suggest to us that she was cooking, and my sister was the BEST cook in

Sometime Life, in general can change our course, and directions, and we forget who and where we are and should be. But our truth, our personal TRUTH, NEVER changes, who we are inside, the true Self, and that will not be suppressed by any means, it has to be spoken, as it is the Divine in us, "and needs to sing" In my Suga Avery voice, from the color Purple, as that is my favorite color, Please forgive me, I got side tracked, smiling. But stop

I sit and I often think, even in the MOST challenging situations , the Divine has always been my APOTHEOSIS, keeping me still and allowing me to see that whatever comes my way, WE will overcome it, And I mean that My relationship with the Divine is symbolic within itself, We are ONE, We are t In sink we one another, the Divine within each one of us, Is waiting on Us to discover, and connect with Our TRUE Self, that part of the WHOLE

In a world of pompous individuals, and people whom exhibit bad decision making behavior, and chose to disregard others, feelings, it's always refreshing to see LOVE, in family situations, and the way that a father looks at his daughter, with loving eyes! We have so much to be grateful for in our lives, and seeing these tender moments, just guides me to want to see more. I'm not in a relationship, now but I LOVE, LOVE! And I have discovered that the relationship that I have cultivated