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June 2019

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During my Sabbath it allows me to connect with the Source of all creation, the Divine, and just listen! Listening is a wonderful gift to have as it allows us to be still, and comprehen what is being communicated to Us. I have noticed that most people, just talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, and when they are Talking most of the conversation is about complaining. Hearing the complaining , is overwhelming for the person listening, but drains both parties energies. If we are constantly

It's has been my personal experience that blessings come in many ways, through great friendships, peace of mind, and JOY of a experience! We need to appreciate their presence when they appear, and thank the SOURCE of all, no matter what you BELIEVE! I refer to them as blessings from the DIVINE, when we give THANKS for them. Appreciate your life, and the bounty of LOVE around you, as that is a BLESSING always! Celebrate YOUR achievements, and growth, daily in GRATITUIDE ! And expand your mind,

It has been my personal experience that most of our lives, are spend on things that impose discomfort on us, if we are not willing to confront the patterns, that cause Us pain. We have to display COURAGE, and face the difficult things that have created OUR suffering, and deal with the fact that we sat by while the garbage continued to pile up and stagnated OUR growth, and why We allowed these things to happen in the first place. Were we so willing to give up

This year had been incredibly interesting, motivating, insightful, and all because of me having the COURAGE to move forward. I lost a relationship, several that didn't serve me, met an individual whom I thought came in PEACE, but was a reminder of a past relationship from 20 to 30 odd years ago, which was very crazy, and unforfilling like my commitment to my partner. I really can't blame my ex because he never experienced true love, and truly was an adult child, when we reconnected. I'm