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May 2019

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We sometimes forget that we are personally responsible for our lives, and the content of our character, and the things that we choose for self. We are in need of discovering Self, Loving Self, and accepting the Love of the Creator, and trusting that we will be, right where we need to be, always! That trust is developed through daily practice, and using your Wonder Powers, as I refer to them, to create, heal, and restore your life. It's your story and yours alone, remember that you

Everyday we choice to burden ourselves, with other people's expectations, of who they think we are and what role we should willingly or unwillingly play in their lives. Some of us choose to be peacemakers unwillingly , just to maintain balance and harmony within our circle of friends, and for some our role is healer, advisor, friend, truth slayer, even when we clearly have no dog in that hunt. Just assumming that we must step up to save the day, in the mist of

You can live with awareness and recover a wonderful power that humans gave up long ago, Faith. Faith is a force that comes from our integrity. It is the expression of what we really are. Faith is the power of our creation because we use faith to create our life story and to transform our life story. Different traditions have called this power by different names. When we talk about Faith or intent, we are also talking about the power of the word. The word is pure

If I hear another spiritual person COMPARE themselves, to another individual, close to them or far away, I will SCREAM! How can you compare something that is TOTALLY different, in size, shape, energy, and appearance? How can these things be intelligently compared? Most people are not aware of what the word, COMPARE means, i.e. to set together, so as to examine likeness or difference, to see if they are equal. The Dalai Lama said, "People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness, just because they're not on

When we begin a relationship, prior to coupling we need to have a relationship with the most important person in our lives, OURSELVES! When we enter into a relationship we need to have a clear understanding of who we are, or else we misrepresent ourselves. And mislead our partners, as a relationship grows we should expand, and grow together, and individually. We can't attempt to manipulate because we do not get our way, it takes compromise and maturity to want to see the relationship to