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March 2019

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Some days it hard to realize that we all are seeking harmony within ourselves, and do not notice that others are struggling to keep their thoughts and intentions clear, Also, we judge their character without even doing an self analysis of our own. Let's think about our own struggles and show compassion for others when we see them having a challenging day, let's seek to uplift instead of belittle, and judge. We all have a different question, with a very different Answer. so let's be quick to

Were you aware that Laughter, creates an eternal peace within and outside of YOU! It allows us to enjoy life more fully, and create and overwhelming energy around us that other immediately pick up when engaging with US. Just as a smile is universal, and allows us to communicate with people from foreign countries, so does laughter! We allow our guarded heart, to expand and invite new experiences into our life, and extend that joy to all that we meet. Let's laugh more, love without reservation, and

I'm so grateful for my tribe, my Most Fabulous Goddess Sisters, they support, uplift me, and teach me to receive. I love these Goddesses, each have brought so much, joy, compassion, and love into my life! Keep Slaying it you, Gorgeous Divine beings! I love you all ! Goddess Marquita, Goddess Joy, Goddess Star, Goddess Mystic Rose, Goddess Stephanie! And May the Divine continue to bless you all, always!

I'm experiencing many thoughts about my 52nd birthday tomorrow, and I"m reflecting over my Obstacles, Challenges, and Victories! And in the end, we all become victorious, by continuing to grow, rise up and accept! And trust that you will succeed, thrive, flourish, just trust yourself, and your creative source, the God, and Goddess within!You will triumph,achieve success beyond your Dreams! Dream big, Goddesses, and God! Start to truly live! Goddess Blessings