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February 2019

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I think about all that I have learned and it's in a symbiotic rhythm in the Universe, and we get the pleasure to share our wisdom with others, I have a daily practice of Qi Gong that helps me to understand, and create a relationship with my body, it's the ancient modality of connecting with your Chi, and creating more life Force energy to restore balance and harmony within. It allows me to notice the beautiful dance that the Universe participates in with me, and everyone around

In my life, it has been my personal experience even in my times of tremendous challenges, and overcoming obstacles, laughter has been a companion, and has assisted me in gaining a different perspective, and created profound leaps of growth. We have to be able to laugh at ourselves, and laugh at some of the choices that we endured for lack of not having enough insight or knowledge at the time. These situations or experiences molded us, and may have stopped us from committing more destructive behavior and

It has been my personal experience that when we pray for something the Divine delivers in detail our desires, and manifests the exact outcome, and we have to accept and trust that it will be for our highest good. When clients come to me, it is my heartfelt guidance to communicate exactly, and with accuracy the wisdom that is at my disposal to guide my clients in preparing to RECEIVE the desired outcome, it pains me when a person decides to not take into account that they