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November 2018

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EVERYTHING is inspirational, that we experience in each moment on this planet. And we get to choose, the very things that bring or add to our bliss, fill us with laughter. As I have been reflecting on my childhood, I noticed that it was filled with humor, and a wicked sense of it. The women in my family had a distinctive way of getting others to let down their guards and just be FREE, to enjoy the moments, conversations, even in something that some would view as

Love is the starting point,  at least for me, when I was growing up, my parents were great at laughter, but not very engaged in their relationship they weren't FRIENDS!  I wish that they were, it just didn't happen. Love assist us all in starting the journey, pain is sometimes a great motivator, it causes us , to really look at our choices. Then comes forgiveness, we need to reflect on all the horrible things that we accused and judged ourselves of, and forgive ourselves, and others.When

Continue to pursue your Dreams follow your Dreams and continue to pursue them consistently, even when all seems lost, even in the face of failure, keep going, keep thriving to conquer the passion of your heart, and the success of overcoming all of the sadness, obstacles, and disappointments. As all of these things, weren't able to stop you from achieving your Dreams, as you reflect during your victory dance remember all the help that you received spiritually and physically at the end of your journey! Celebrate your success

Everyone needs LOVE, we all need touch, contact, appreciation, verbalized to us daily. Since we are all energy beings, and create, and send energy to one another, people feel our presence even before we speak or move into view. We need to experience this energy on a deep soul level to connect with each other, but also the Divine, within. We need to connect to be fully present each and every day, or our soul begans to sink and disappear. It takes real commitment to self to

Why do we allow ourselves to be defined by pain? Pain can be a motivator to change, and it can also be like a comfortable blanket, helping us to be stagnant. Sometimes, I think that we are cursed to repeat, and re-ingest the pain of our ancestors, immediate family, i.e. parents. We often define ourselves by the standards of others,  always feeling compared to others, always attempting to conform to society, not once thinking of the affects of not embracing ourselves, completely. To be still, and touch