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December 2018

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I read a quote the other day by a writer, whom shared her opinion about self care, and the quote goes like this, " Loving yourself isn't VANITY,  it is SANITY". I couldn't agree more.Why are we always so quick to short change ourselves?  and open our hearts so abundantly to others? Our ability to LOVE others and ourselves is and revolves around how we care for ourselves, it's no shame in caring for self, it allows us to exercise more LOVE for others, and take in

Communication is the key in any relationship, be it friendship, or whatever you refer to as a connection with another being, it's necessary to have some type of commonality, things to discuss, it helps to understand one another, gain TRUST and  respect, we didn't have to agree with all view points, but we can agree to disagree and keep the shared views precious. It's a beautiful thing when harmony and synchronicity meet, they allow us to merge with the Divine. It's joyous, balance and harmony!  When we

EVERYTHING is inspirational, that we experience in each moment on this planet. And we get to choose, the very things that bring or add to our bliss, fill us with laughter. As I have been reflecting on my childhood, I noticed that it was filled with humor, and a wicked sense of it. The women in my family had a distinctive way of getting others to let down their guards and just be FREE, to enjoy the moments, conversations, even in something that some would view as