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Your Relationship with The Divine is YOUR APOTHEOSIS!

I sit and I often think, even in the MOST challenging situations , the Divine has always been my APOTHEOSIS, keeping me still and allowing me to see that whatever comes my way, WE will overcome it, And I mean that My relationship with the Divine is symbolic within itself, We are ONE, We are t In sink we one another, the Divine within each one of us, Is waiting on Us to discover, and connect with Our TRUE Self, that part of the WHOLE that allows us to be Free, truly FREE to be us, and the Divine nurtures US, and continues to support us during our process of getting to know ourselves again! I would think that should give us all plenty of delight! I know that I appreciate all of the assist that the CREATOR creates for me! Everytime that I wanted to give up, the Divine reminded me of my gift to the world, and EXPANDED my thinking of myself, and exposed these pre-imposed burdens that I struggled with for years, along the way leading me to my TRUE destination, my TRUE SELF, and my relationship with my APOTHEOSIS, the source of everything, Universe MIND the DIVINE!