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” Why do we allow ourselves to be prisoners of others opinions of Us” ?

As I reflect on how WE as a Nation got here, lack of compassion for others, NO Morals, Yes, I said NO Morals, Disrespect for others, and No respect for Our Elders, Point blank! Before Anything presents it’s self on a physical level, it appears on a Spiritual level, What were We as a society thinking? Well, I know that with all the greed and lack of care for those that we are suppose to support, has caused OUR unrest today. We value the opinions of others, more than we do the Divine. I personally do not care what society thinks of what I do, or do not do, as long as I speak my personal TRUTH, and work in alignment with my Divine Source. We need to get back to the basics, And seek to be Honest with ourselves, and be more focused on the care of our love ones, but first ourselves. The Only opinion that counts is YOURS, We need to stand up for what is right, not just go along with others to keep that FAKE peace, as it’s not really PEACEFUL, if it is build on a LIE, is it? I teach my students that all you really have at the end of each day, is your faith, and integrity, Are you using them? It has been my observation that we haven’t stood up for those that continue to struggle, suffer, and all for the sake of getting along. People are suffering because ” We as a NATION” will not do the things that are necessary to support PEACE, and harmony, and address those hard TRUTHS, The President is a horrible leader, and I personal believe, ” CRAZY as a MAD hatter”, but No one has the balls to address ” His Crazy”. We all FEAR, not being accepted, Why? The truth isn’t concerned about if you like it, as it’s still the TRUTH no matter, what you or I think, and facts can be played with but are still FACTS! Let’s get some balls, as my Divine Sister, Goddess Marquita often says, and Stand in OUR TRUTH, and be diligent, and enduring in the pursuit of “SELF-AWARENESS”, and get some BALLS! It will require ruffling some feathers, who cares? At the end, of the day, EVERYONE isn’t going to Like YOU, ME, Or whomever, so what, The Divine LOVES you, and that’s all that counts! An opinion is just that someone perspective of a situation, it doesn’t make it the TRUTH, LEARN the difference. And respect yourself, and others, but by NO MEANS forget to STAND in your TRUTH! And continued success, and Divine blessings, always! Namaste! Remember WHO you are, and STAND in your GLORY!

Rev. Dr. Goddess Yvette Whorton