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” Understanding The value of a Thing, or Things in Your life, and Mine”!

What do you Value in your life? Most of us, Maybe even me at times, Never really think that deeply about that simple statement, question, whatever way is Simple for your Edification. Ever think about that, Would you treat anything that is of Value to you, poorly? If possible, Really Notice it’s uniqueness, as this means ONE OF A KIND… Rare…Do we take for granted this RARE experience, and really, really Value it… Think… You only experience something RARE, ONLY ONCE, as each experience isn’t the same, unless it’s a PATTERN… That’s the value in it, if you notice, all of the LOVE of the Divine is in EACH choice, and the VALUE should be based on MORAL CONTENT, And Spiritual understanding, with GUIDANCE from the DIVINE in you, LISTEN to your SOUL, Higher SELF, Check in with yourself, as this is the Value to, at least to ME. It’s important to UNDERSTAND, one’s choice can ALTER the course. Choice Value in yourself, and your relationships, and BE grateful for the THINGS of value in your life! Breathe them in!

Rev. Dr. Goddess Yvette Whorton