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“Trusting your inner Guidance”

It can be a struggle for some of US, at different periods in our journey, to TRUST the inner guidance we receive daily, it could come by the way of a SYMBOL, conversation with someone, or observation, but clearly we need to be able to establish the difference, I have taught my students to focus on creating a cooperative exercise ” WITHIN”, and focus on their “BREATH” to achieve their GOAL of SELF- Realization. You can have anything that you choose to focus on, and really dedicate yourself to, all is ENERGY! Just Believe! TRUST the Divine in YOU, You are Sooooo Worthy of  it! The journey may be long, and sometimes hard, but so worth the trials and friendships, relationships acquired along the way! I appreciate each experience, no matter what occurred, it helped me LEARN more about me, and the different possibilities. Some experiences like dating, and bearing children, maybe I would have made a different choice, But I learned something, as I came from a big family, five siblings, and that’s not including me, so our home was ALWAYS Filled with children, and other peoples CHILDREN, as my parents home was a WAY STATION, for my mother’s siblings children. I learned to communicate, effectively, as it was always required to, as we were punished when we were caught FIGHTING as this drove my parents crazy, and you didn’t want to face the wrath of Mr. And Mrs Whorton. The point that I’m making is, we all have guides that support US, ancestors, ANGELS, and your Higher SELF, just waiting for you to recognize, and acknowledge their presence, to make life better for you, and provide and support MOST of your heavy lifting, and you just need to be still to TUNE IN. We do not become great without WORKING at it! So we have to seek to connect with ourselves, the INNER most part of ourselves to do this, and we all have access to our higher POWER, just breathe in and out this awareness, 36 times, and see and remember your greatness, as it has NEVER left you, and ALWAYS been there, just notice, and you will see! Practice this daily awareness, and FREE yourself from the chains that keep you from advancing in a purposeful way! Live your DREAMS, and allow yourself to be open to guidance!


Rev. Dr. Goddess Yvette Whorton