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TIME for a huge Belly Laugh

Today I was reflecting on the healing of laughter to the soul, and I thought about all of the life experiences that made me laugh my behind off! I recall the family dinners, that my family would have with so much HOKUM, drama, as most families do, we would attempt to catch up with one another every Sunday, when my sister Betty, one of my favorite people in the UNIVERSE would suggest to us that she was cooking, and my sister was the BEST cook in my universe. My sister was a hot mess, she would cook, this amazing meal for Us, but never wanted to clean up prior to inviting everyone over to her house, dishes would be literally crawling out of her kitchen, table a mess, and everyone was suppose to assist her in cleaning her house prior to eating, she would have her favorite music going, FRANKIE BEVERLY and MAZE, some EARTH, WIND, AND FIRE, and I can literally smell the scents of her cooking right now, as I’m writing this, and as you probably are aware, some drinking and dancing would occur. We would play cards, enjoy one another’s company , and celebrate the beginning of the new work week. My sister would eventually pass out, but the laughter and joy that I experienced was pure JOY, LOVE, and extra special moments, filled with LOVE, foolishness, compassion, and HUGE belly laughs! My beautiful mother, Pearly Mae Whorton, taught me to laugh even when the world seems as if it is not smiling with YOU! But laughter is FOREVER, and memories are yours to Keep! So laugh so much that it hurts, or you start crying! And remember the precious Moments, with Laughter!