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This PUERILE World

Sometimes I sat and wander, why WE live in a PUERILE World, it is a Latin word for immaturity. The human race hasn’t yet figured out that WE continue to make the infraction if we do not finally wake up, and smell the coffee, or shit as I would refer to it! The definition of insanity is doing the same thing, and expecting different results, is that not what we keep doing, destroying Nature, Mother God, and expecting her to provide, food, a safe place for Us, and nourishment, all the while, WE human beings, continue to pollute her, disrespect her with our actions, or lack of. We need to be MORE responsible, and treat her like she does US, by sending her energy, healing energy, and stop dumping garbage everywhere, clean up behind ourselves, and each other, and teach our children to respect her. We need to understand that WE are just visitors to this realm, and that we were the last beings to be created, because WE are PUERILE, and the DIVINE knew that because of OUR destructive nature, WE probably couldn’t be TRUSTWORTHY! Let’s attempt to be better, and do better! If you see some trash, just pick it up! As we wouldn’t have a home to call home, if WE don’t change the narrative! Be more mindful, and save OUR home! Sow a thought, sow a deed, sow a habit, sow a character, and let’s sow a new destiny, of a healthy planet, which fosters HEALTHY human beings, of light, and LOVE! Goddess Blessings!