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The World is FULL of Fabulist, and people whom Inveigle to get what they want”

When I think back over my life, and all that I have experienced, I have NEVER seen so many attempts at deceiving people to get what others want, The stories that I hear, the nastiness, and untruths that are told just to get ahead. Liar, Liar pants on Fire! The funny thing is that the TRUTH will always, always, always come to light! When we take this approach we dim the light of the Creator in our lives, and who really wants that? I choose to live always from a space of INTEGRITY, in all that I do, and have been learning to say, NO, to things and people that do not honor me. Doing the right thing, Most times isn’t easy, but what EVER is? I want my legacy to be one of ” She always stood up for what was right, and treated people with LOVE, Compassion, and INTEGRITY”. What will your legacy be? Please think about what, I just said? My father was a very nasty person, in my personal opinion, but he knew right from wrong, sometimes he did right, sometimes WRONG, but Ultimately he stood in his TRUTH, as I believe his behavior was a product of being oppressed, and growing up in the 1930’s, he would say to us, ” If you stand for NOTHING, You fall for EVERYTHING”, and he was right. You have to choose, “Something”. I have strived to achieve, and sow good seeds for myself, my children, and my family, and at the end of each day, I sleep well, knowing that I was a great friend, Awesome daughter, honest Mother, and up standing human being. Can you state the same? Look at your life, Is it what you had hoped it, would be? If not, it’s not to late to change, Stop the Negative Self talk, and encourage yourself, to do better, share time with people whom you KNOW, want the best for you, and create a SAFE environment for you and your Tribe, based on TRUTH, honest, and LOVE. I just recently had someone whom I felt deep affection for lie in my face, and state to me, that was FRIENDSHIP, really? It allowed me to see their TRUE character, and I understood that they never LEARNED what real friendship was, no judgement, just FACTS. I was sad for them, as they would ALWAYS be attempting to manipulate others, misrepresent the TRUTH, and NEVER know, what it felt like to have a FRIEND. My heart broke for them, as they would always attempt to lie, and create elaborate, dishonest stories, to persuade others to LOVE them, or ACCEPT them. A person whom attempts to Inveigle, a french word, used in the 15TH century, to PERSUADE someone to do something by means of deception or flattery seemed to be the correct word for her, as you can NEVER obtain TRUST or friendship built on MANIPULATION of others. I still pray for her, but the Divine shared with me, That her EGO wouldn’t allow her to see the TRUTH, and with that being said, ” I needed to say, ” GOODBYE”. We can’t destroy others, or use others to get what we want , it never works! Being a success doesn’t require that, all it really requires is LOVE of SELF, and Love and respect of others. We need to understand the brokenness in others so that we can relate. Just breathe, and feel their energy, and TRUTH your SOUL, as it always knows the TRUTH, and TRUST it! “Do not fall for the banana in the tail pipe”. And always honor yourself, and TRUST your intuition, when WE don’t it usually doesn’t end well, at least that’s been my experience, and know that you deserve the BEST in everything including your Friendships, and life, that is “DRAMA FREE”, I refer to it, as “SUCKER FREE”! And I keep saying, KNOW YOUR VALUE, SET BOUNDARIES, and respect YOURSELF, always!

Rev. Dr. Goddess Yvette Whorton