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The Universe is calling

I think about all that I have learned and it’s in a symbiotic rhythm in the Universe, and we get the pleasure to share our wisdom with others, I have a daily practice of Qi Gong that helps me to understand, and create a relationship with my body, it’s the ancient modality of connecting with your Chi, and creating more life Force energy to restore balance and harmony within. It allows me to notice the beautiful dance that the Universe participates in with me, and everyone around me, creating clarity. I felt the Divine emotion of gratitude even with the dissolution of my relationship ending, and having to place my mother in care for her dementia. The Divine loves me, and I always understood that fact, as I have always surrendered to my gifts, my ability to see, and communicate , and help support, and teach others about how to live a richer life, and focus on an discover their life purpose. Abundance, money is the product of the blessings from the Source, embrace your worth, and dance with the Creator, and discover your journey and richness for all things that bless you! I suggest a lot of Green in your life! Embrace the Universe! And it will always embrace YOU!