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The true characteristics of a Enlightened ONE

Have you ever had an experience, that shook your faith, and the situation involved someone who claimed to be “Spiritual” ? I just wrote a blog a couple of days ago, about something that disturbed me about the unethical behavior of someone, whom refers to themselves, as “Spiritually Enlightened”. I want to first state, in a relationship with a Sacred Spiritual Mentor, there would never to a Quid pro quo, which is the Latin phrase used in English to mean an exchange of goods or services, in which one transfers is CONTINGENT upon the other, a favour for a Favour, now I’m a fan of the barter system, and there should be an offering to the Creator, just like in the Church, candles, incenses, etc. In the Sacred World of ” Light Workers”, let’s just label it that way for now, we are held accountable for our actions, and OUR behavior should be one of LOVE, COMPASSION, Equanimity, meaning to display a mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation, and impartiality, meaning EQUAL treatment of all rivals or disputants, FAIRNESS! The Teacher/ mentor should be impeccable with their words, and have a moral compass, and always uplift, encourage and be supportive, only if as Benjamin Franklin states in one of my favorite quotes, “He that won’t be counseled, can’t be helped”. Let me be perfectly CLEAR, it has been my experience, and observation that most people are attempting to learn, and grow, and seek out Mentor’s and teacher’s to assist them on their Spiritual Journey, and that person should never violate their trust, as this quality has to be established, and the Mentor, teacher should be aware of the individuals emotional, mental health in order to be more concise in their assessment of the students needs in order for them to expand, and excel. The teacher is constantly re-evaluating the nature, quality, or ability of the student, to assist them in expansion, And I never had any of my Mentor’s state to me, that I personally needed or was required to “WORSHIP” them or , as we are all adults provide any sexual favors, to get the knowledge, and wisdom that they were willing to provide. There is a real issue with this for me, as the EGO’s in these individuals rule their judgement, not really thinking of the harm that they are causing, WE are to uplift NOT DESTROY! As I instruct my students, feel the person’s energy, if it feels un-clear to you, pray and ask the Creator to reveal that persons character to you, and above all else, TRUST what you are feeling, and never disregard that knowingness. I give because I know the Divine, and I realize that everything is good, just people display horrible judgement, and make poor decisions, when it comes to their selfish needs, and it is all of our jobs, and commitment to STOMP out corruption, and assist those whom need the Divine’s support to heal, with our help, and not through dishonest or fraudulent conduct by the very people that’s suppose to provide us with support, but chose their POWER to approach us, and harm sometimes an already fractured being. Let’s identify these individuals and weed them out, and protect those that can’t protect themselves, by being WHO we say we are, and standing in our TRUTH, as TRUTH doesn’t require secrets or deceit, Just good old fashion LOVE, COMPASSION, FAITH, and being impartial, Let’s not harm the innocence of someone on their journey by distorting the TRUTH, and exposing them to behavior that isn’t in alignment with the Creator’s PLAN. Be well!! And chose Forgiveness!

Rev. Dr. Goddess Yvette Whorton