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” The Ridiculous Drama of NOT listening to Spirit”

I have been supporting individuals for 25 years, possibly 30 years, and it never seems to amaze me, when individuals do not follow through on insights that I share with them, and it breaks my heart when they fail. It’s always an individuals choice, but they need to understand, that every choice causes effects, and some cause pain, and unrest. Why do we seek to deceive OURSELVES? The truth is always the best, that you can provide for, and to yourself. We need to seek sometime reflecting on the choices that have brought us to the destination that we are at, and re-evaluate the things that haven’t worked in our past. I personally, want my life to continue too Expand, and I seek to grow, and learn from the past experiences that have molded me. When we are repeating patterns in our life’s, it means that we haven’t mastered the lesson. And it requires us to change the way that we look at the situation. Stay positive, be patience with yourself, take a step, and TRUST that you are being guided to the place that you belong. No progress, can be made without MOVEMENT. You need to sit still, go within, spend sometime alone with yourself, collect your thoughts, and seek wise counsel. Think about what you want to achieve, long term, and short term goals. I suggest meditation, just sitting still, and allowing the CREATOR to speak to you, ask for guidance, and continue to pray about your individual situation, and ACCEPT the guidance that you have been blessed with. Ultimately, you have to do what is BEST for you, proceed with caution, keep asking the CREATOR until it appears, your ANSWER! But most of all do not lose your faith in yourself, or the DIVINE. Be in a state of gratitude, for what you have in the present moment. I have found that when I share, really share my experiences with others it improves my mental state. In 53 years, I have experienced many losses, achievements, successes, failures, and I have continued to move forward, BE FEARLESS, and courageous, and TRUST the journey! Everyday, isn’t going to be SUNNY, but you always have the Divine, in your corner, and there is NOTHING that you or me, can do to stop us from experiencing that precious LOVE! As most of us do not realize, that we are a precious gift to someone else. Sow the thought, sow the deed, sow the habit, sow the character, sow the DREAM! Just Focus!



Rev. Dr. Goddess Yvette Whorton