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Spiritual Understanding

As I reflect on my spiritual journey, I have always paid attention to the ACTIONS of my mentors , and been open to wise Counsel, as you have to be open to counsel in order to receive it, a quote by Ben Franklin. You meet people along your journey, that are in the early stages of their development, May be suffering from Childhood abuses, and it was always very important to me, as communicated by my Mentors, that WE seek to understand, first. I had the pleasure of sharing my knowledge, and teachings with a vast number of individuals from all walks of life, and I was trained by Great Teachers, and Mentors whom weren’t PERFECT, but understood the divine and had solid relationships with the Creator, and always told me to speak my TRUTH, even when it wasn’t popular or accepted by others. I used the Principles that I was taught, by Beautiful Goddess Mamma Akeeya, and others, especially my Grandmother, whom showed me all that she had acquired in 98 years of life, to make things better for the individuals that I support. It breaks my heart to see people abusing that job, and as I have continued to state to my students, sow the thought, sow the deed, sow the habit, and sow the character, which will sow your destiny. I seek to judge NO ONE, and have always supported others on their journey even when I don’t agree with their choices, but accepted them just the same. I understand that this isn’t a easy walk, but consistency is the key, and not offending others, we all learn differently, and I understand that as everything is a process, at lease for me. But it’s about perfecting the process, and thinking before you do something that may or may not affect the ones around you. I place my self in the individuals shoes, and only want to uplift them, and improve their knowledge of SELF. I taught for 12 years, and the environment was a place of joy for me, because I realized the seeds that I was planting in individuals that made poor choices, and subjected themselves to drug abuse, and coming out of incarceration, and if only someone would have provided them with guidance, a hug, maybe they wouldn’t have suffered in silence. My grandmother told me that people can always find an excuse as to why they can’t do right, in her words, as there is always a reason to justify the actions, but it someone shows you who they are believe them. I always seek to see the good in people, but I have learned and experienced that some people would rather, do bad things, and think that others aren’t aware, and that is your right, just not with me. The true character of an Enlightened being is to help, not over complicate a situation. My favorite Mentor shared with me, something sometime ago, People seek out support, and then attempt to try others out, and then they return to you, because their SOUL sees the TRUTH, but are compelled to seek out different sources, and individual’s to heal, and that’s great to explore, but look at the results. Are you truly getting the assistance that you need? Let’s be clear, your word is the only thing that you truly have, and it can destroy friendships, and cause disharmony, that’s not my prayers for others or on behalf of others. My job is to restore my clients, friends, and Divine Goddess Sisters, and help them along their way, I tell my students that I’m just one stop along their journey, and they are free to explore other ways to heal, and assist others. We can’t manipulate others, as that closes the light of the Creator from us. True friendship is two individuals going in opposite directions, but ending up side by side. I understand people’s need to EXPAND, and I respect that, but being in my Personal Truth, and staying in my INTEGRITY is important to me, and hasn’t failed me, it works! We sometimes aren’t discriminate in our relationships, and allow situations to develop because we love someone so much, that we do not want to offend them, I say, that we create more harm when we do not chin check them. I was watching the Alex Haley, series “ROOTS” again, and I remember how his soul wouldn’t rest until he was FREE, well, it has been my experience that’s  TRUTH,  you have to be willing to lose everything to gain yourself, and lies can’t stand or occupy in the same space, remember that!

Rev. Dr. Goddess Yvette Whorton