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Sometimes you win in Love sometimes you do NOT!

About 25 years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting this childlike gentleman, whom peeked my interest, and made me laugh, as he was attempting to get my attention, I love to dance so it was an event involving dancing. I met 2 other suiters at the same time, but they weren’t so memorable. I fell in LOVE with this grown MAN that was so tender, and just wanted to hug me , and lay with me, and wasn’t remotely interested in SEX with me, at the time I was dating many individuals, and didn’t want to be coupled up with anyone, so I told that individual the TRUTH, and well, I lost them, but I continued to move forward, but over those 25 plus years often thought about them, and the tender moments that we shared, because I knew in my heart that I genuinely LOVED them but couldn’t see myself abusing that love, or dishonoring My beloved ELLIS, my King for anything in this mundane WORLD, as it is very rare to LOVE someone so much, that you would NEVER want them to experience Pain or rejection. Well, recently I had the pleasure of reconnecting with them, and I discovered why I fell in LOVE with them, it was an innocuous, innocent love of a teenager, I wish that he was my first anything, but he wasn’t, I thought that I could rekindle my feelings, that feeling that I got from his hugs, a tender KISS, but it wasn’t to be, and I was so disappointed, as I have EXPANDED so much, and he still is predisposed to chasing material possessions, But so unhappy, I just wanted to LOVE him, but he couldn’t evolve pass those limitations. It’s funny how the VERY thing that we need to be happy appears and we do not even notice it! My heart weeps for his heart, but life continues to move forward, and I’m so grateful for being able to reconnect with him, as the thought of him brings a huge SMILE to my face! Be true to yourself, and allow LOVE to come and GO, as sometimes it’s NOT OUR’S to keep!