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Some beings are a “Quality Moment” or Just Special Eder’s

There are all kinds of beings, on this planet, i.e. short beings, possible Angels, and Magical beings. And then, there are Extra Special beings, whom are very early in their development as Spiritual Seekers, They are sometimes very interested in growing quickly, but always attempting to cut corners, and thinking that they should be rewarded with the gifts, and talents, that other beings have studied, learned, and applied for years, displaying a behavior that they are owed something that wasn’t developed or practiced daily. It’s amazing to ME, and probably You, that they feel a sense of Entitlement to something that they haven’t EARNED! It takes consistence, dedication, and Focus to achieve, ”the dream”. Like anything, we must apply practice, to develop skills, and it takes time. No one gets a FREE ride, as knowledge requires STUDY, patience, and skill. To cultivate this level of achievement, we must Focus, with laser sharp intent to first understand, and appreciate our divine gifts, and talents. And prepare to share them with the World, and Celebrate the gifts of others, and not compare! But truly Celebrate ourselves, and the other indispensable individuals that share the journey with us, and remind us that we are all a part of the Divine Story! Celebrate your growth but be mindful of other along the Journey, and have compassion, along the way to enlightenment!