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Self Value

When you realize that you are of VALUE, you will not ACCEPT any thing LESS! We teach People, what our value is by letting them know, what we will participate in. When you realize, just what your time, is WORTH, and the time that is wasted when you are choosing to communicate with someone that doesn’t VALUE you. When  you completely realize that YOU are An Amazing reflection of the DIVINE, you won’t settle for anything LESS than you deserve. And you won’t allow ANYONE to attempt to mislead you, ask you to do anything that doesn’t feel good to you! Your SOUL will know, that you finally realize, who, and what you are! I, No longer entertain people, whom do not VALUE Me, and my time. I understand that I’m of value, and my life’s work is to provide, care, love, support to myself, and others, but ME first! I deserve GREAT Things, and I open my heart to them. I TRUST the Divine, and ALL GOOD, to come to ME, now and FOREVER! I promise myself, to put me first in ALL that I do, and say! Be kind to yourself, and trust that ALL that you desire is yours! And be a light, for those that are on their journey, But NEVER allow anyone to treat you like, you do not deserve the BEST, because YOU are the Best! The Creator doesn’t Make any JUNK, everything is destined to Be GRAND, just accept YOU!



Rev. Dr. Goddess Yvette Whorton