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REAL MARRIAGE, requires that you are ALWAYS, re-applying for your JOB daily!

I have been pondering Marriage and what it means to me, Why do many of US think that we can just take advantage of our partner’s by ignoring their needs, and wants? We take our partners for granted, and become complacent in our lives. We forget to LOVE our partners, encourage them, and remember what it took to get them. We do not HONOR them by cooking for them, Loving on them, YES… I said Loving them, this includes INTIMACY, your partner shouldn’t have to beg, and plead with you daily to make love to them! Even in the dissolution of my relationship, then I knew that it was done, I continued to provide breakfast, lunch, and prepare meals for my EX, because he paid OUR bills, but he wasn’t able to be a Husband because he didn’t have the TOOLS or the upbringing, i.e. mentor’s to educate him on how to be a MAN, let alone, to be a Husband, no judgement! I gave him the respect due him, because he tried! And sometimes that’s the best an individual can provide, I see lot of beautiful individuals with great partners wanting to build, and provide the WORLD for their mates, and they treat them with disrespect. My mother told me a long time ago, if you do not attend to your mates needs, somebody else will, did you HEAR me, someone else will appreciate what you have, and attend to your garden. A relationship is like a garden, if you tend to your garden by nurturing it, digging up weeds, watering it daily, you will eat the fruits, and vegetables at harvest time, if you do not attend to your garden it will become over ran with weeds, and NOTHING will be provided to FEED YOU! Stop, thinking that you are not required to increase your knowledge of your partner, and discover what they need, check in with them, and uplift, cook, clean, sew, and love them. You signed that contract, and if you are not doing your JOB, to provide the love, and support, that you each agreed to provide, JUST like at your JOB, you can be FIRED! So please treat your MARRIAGE like a job performance review, check in, see what you can improve, do SEXY things to and for each other, and KEEP in mind that your performance depends on how long you will continue to be EMPLOYED! So think daily, I’m reapplying, and NEED to show constant PROGRESS!