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Learning something new each day is a PROPITIOUS experience! Propitious means auspicious, advantageous, indicating good fortune. I believe that we are all aspiring to have good things in our lives, and I’m not speaking about material things. The quality of life isn’t based on material wealth, it’s based on kindness, and graciousness, and forgiveness, and SPIRITUAL Wealth, I would also add, What you want to be remembered as or for, in your Life? That’s an important realization, What do you want the WORLD, PEOPLE, Family to remember about you? Did you stand for something in your life, did you support, help, uplift others? Or was your life, just about you? It’s not a judgement, but what did you do? We have so much to be thankful for, each day we get a chance, to LOVE, SUPPORT, CREATE, BREATHE, TRAVEL, SHARE, experience and FEEL! So I’m very grateful for my accomplishments, my lessons, and my growth. And I Love the person that I have become, and my struggles, set backs, and challenges, allowed me to gain so much clarity, and SELF- Knowledge! Remember that you create your DREAMS, so CREATE PROPITIOUS Expansion, and DREAM BIG!


  • September 23, 2019

    Beautiful Bridgette

    Goddess Yvette – I really enjoyed our time together this weekend. You poured into me so much clarity and good energy that I can expand from. You are truly an obedient servant of God. As you continually practice oriental medicine may you always be surrounded by positive energy. I wish you continuous blessings upon your life and those that you encounter and touch.