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“PLAIN old Friendship”

Why are people so confused about what friendship means, I re-connected with someone that I loved dearly, and they really aren’t SERIOUS about developing a REAL friendship with me, and at first it really HURT, I cried of course, and then the Divine clarified it for me, They really didn’t realize that any type of relationship requires that you share time with another individual, or How can it be referred to As A FRIENDSHIP, and the ANSWER is that it can’t. I’m so very grateful for clarify, as I’m a excellent communicator, so I asked questions, and they stated to me that they were in a relationship, and I respect that fact, so you can’t have friendships with others? What kind of relationship doesn’t allow you to EXPAND, and grow through friendship with others? I respect that this individual felt like it would compromise them being my friend, as I stated that I had/have feelings for the individual, But as an adult whom is trained and disciplined , why would I compromise their integrity or my OWN? It was as plain to ME in that moment, that I was viewing the situation from the wrong LENS, they just didn’t have or share the same affinity as I had for OUR friendship, as all relationships that I have had ALWAYS start with FRIENDSHIP, and that’s the ONLY requirement that I will not COMPROMISE ON! So another one bites the DUST, and When that happens we learn to VALUE the sacredness of REAL FRIENDSHIP! That was my Lesson for Day! And I’m smiling now, as my heart recovers!