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People Let’s be accountable for our actions!

Now people, Please know that you can’t just act and ass in public, and not be aware of your behavior, and the EFFECTS that others May SUBJECT you to by introducing you to a QUALITY moment, of a invitation to kick your ASS, plain and simply! I do not subscribe to violence but people want to impose, and DUMP their trash on you, and continue to think that you should take it, One problem in that equation, That’s some BULL****! Get your life all the way together! I have an EX, Let’s call him SPECIAL EDer, and I mean that in the most kind way, as he is VERY special! NO Common Sense! People should raise their children! Anyhow, How you behave in public is a lens into your life, do not expect me to accept your misbehavior, act accordingly! Be respectful of me, and my personal space. I experienced a individual that kissed my forehead today, but we had ONLY just met again, two days ago! Be mindful, All people do not require that you TOUCH their person! It was funny, as the gentleman smelled very nice, but really???? I’m starting to notice that people are very inappropriate, and then become SHOCKED when you appear to be AMAZED, and react in your integrity, and say No, No! Be careful, and notice the signs! And stay in your Truth, and CHECK Folks, and hold them accountable! Stand your ground, as your TRUTH is the Light!