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Nothing but ENERGY!

Everything and I repeat everything on this planet is ENERGY, good, bad, different, just energy! We judge everything by appearances, but if you believe as I do, in and afterlife then, nothing is as it appears to US. People think that we are all just one thing, and can experience just one aspect of the Divine Creator, but if you look at the Earth, and it’s visitor’s, as we all are seeking to grow, develop, improve, expand, and elevate, we are just ENERGY apart of the WHOLE of the Creator. You chose this uniform as I refer to it this lifetime, what you wanted to EXPERIENCE, How you wanted those experiences to be to EXPAND and GROW, with whom you would experience life’s challenges, and obstacles with, I refer to them as your supporting cast members, and just how long your visit would be, it’s like grand vacation with all the trimmings. So stop getting caught up in the packaging, i.e. White, Colored, Trans, Gay, straight, as these are just labels, the real truth is energy attracts energy! So beware of what you attract to you, and be mindful of the packaging! I personally do not care, nor am I concerned about the packaging as I love to experience NEW, positive energy No matter the form. So accept the ENERGY before you, and look pass the uniform, as it is just an illusion!