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My Beautiful Mother, making 85 today!

Today I was reflecting on the incredible life of my mother, Miss Pearly Mae Whorton, whom created me with the Divine, with her strength and courage, and will to succeed no matter, what came her way. She instilled in me the power to move forward, stand in my personal TRUTH, trust the Divine with all my heart, and No matter what keep waking up, and moving forward, even in the times where I personally wanted to give up, I could hear her telling me to keep going. I was very lucky to have her, and she raised me to be a good person, respect others, celebrate their successes, and praise my own. She instilled in me to be kind to others, stick to my word, and follow though. My mother has a great sense of humor, and she blessed me with that, I can remember her laughing even when things would be horrible, as laughter is the cure to most situations, being able to laugh at yourself, when the whole world is against you, and still be standing afterward. I came from a long line of spiritual warriors, prayer warriors, and incredible beings of light. I keep hearing them say to me, “Never give up”. And always take the road less traveled, as there is always a way out of No way! I’m proud of my growth, and my struggles as they have contributed to me, being whole, perfect, and complete. As a child, I was aware that I was different, as I always saw spirits, and always knew that they were a part of my personal journey, But my mother never made me feel anything but safe, and loved. She nurtured me, even though her mother never provided that support for her. I remember telling my mother, that I was talking to love ones that passed on, and she would say, ask them what they want, and never made me feel, like I was crazy. She would just smile, and walk me though it, even when I felt she didn’t understand, she was my rock. She made sure that me and my siblings, had a comfortable home, we were safe, and loved. The compassion that she shared with us, and showed us was from her heart, always! I see a lot of individuals that weren’t raised, nurtured, taught, and loved by their mother’s, leaving them empty, unbalanced, and seeking love in all the wrong places. When a young woman is not loved by her mother, she is always seeking approval from others. That’s not a life to live, my life may not have been perfect but I had an individual, my mother whom always put her family first in everything, and for that I will always love her and her spirit. My mother, Miss Pearly Mae Whorton, is the best mother in the World, do not get me wrong, we disagreed, and she guided me the best that she could, sometimes I listened, other times I did not, but she was always there when I stumbled, and never turned me away. I see my mother, and pray that I will be better than her, and continue to make her proud of me, always! Please celebrate your mother, and remind her of the precious love that she provided unconditionally for you, every day, and in every way! And continued to shine her light!

Rev. Dr. Goddess Yvette Whorton