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”Love makes US Strong”

I have been reflecting on some of my Most memorable experiences of LOVE, and working on clearing some toxic memories attached to the Moon, and all of the unrest in the WORLD. Love is a muscle, that needs to be exercised, and used as much as possible. we become better at LOVE when we surrender to OUR emotions, and accept that LOVE can heal us, restore us, and Uplift us. I want to discuss with you, a great experience that I shared with someone very special to me, that I hailed a very dear, space in my heart. They were like a refreshing breath of FRESH air to me, and I will always, and often think of them, and the joy, laughter, and smile, that they brought to my life. When we met in was in a social setting, a party, at least 25 years ago, they were attempting to MACK me down, as they say, and very funny, as I like nerdy types, but they eye’s were so familiar to me, GORGEOUS brown eyes, covered by their glasses. It was like, I met my SOULMATE in a physical form, But I had to go off, and complete my studies, and experience more of LIFE. Over the years, I would contact them, no matter, where I was living in the WORLD, they always made me laugh, just Pure JOY, like re-discovering a precious shell at the sea. I loved them with all my heart, but it wasn’t time, and then eventually, that door closed. I LOVE Ellis George, but sometimes, we have to journey alone. The heart is a store house of GREAT, life affirming MOMENTS! Ellis helped me to FEEL LOVE, to truly Feel, unconditional LOVE, even when I did not see HIM, he filled a space in my Heart, that I saved that space, for many years, thinking that this incredible individual, and myself, would have an attempt at happiness again, but it NEVER happened, and I had to release the ONLY, true experience of LOVE, and intimacy that I EVER knew. The Divine had another plan for me, and as much as I wanted to share my cup of love with him, I need to work on my Divine Journey. Sometimes, life isn’t fair, and we allow, people that aren’t WORTHY of our time to effect the desire to have our cup of LOVE filled! Never, allow time, to stop you from pursuing your JOY!!!!!

I was so blessed to have loved, this amazing being of light, even to experience that JOY in my heart for him, even if it wasn’t to be. LOVE, that LOVE allowed me to grow, evolve, and nurture MYSELF… and for that I’m so grateful, so grateful… As it changed my life, and brought me divine JOY!!! It doesn’t matter, if it wasn’t returned to me, but that he is happy, LOVED, and at PEACE within, his life… Isn’t that a wish fulfilled, PURE, unconditional LOVE!!! Share your love, and appreciate it when the divine blesses YOU! Because LOVE allows you, ME, to GROW!!! So tell whomever, you LOVE, how you feel about them, and show your appreciation, because LOVE isn’t promised, and doesn’t require ANYTHING!!!



Rev. Dr. Goddess Yvette Whorton