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Laughter is the Cure, and gift of the soul

In my life, it has been my personal experience even in my times of tremendous challenges, and overcoming obstacles, laughter has been a companion, and has assisted me in gaining a different perspective, and created profound leaps of growth. We have to be able to laugh at ourselves, and laugh at some of the choices that we endured for lack of not having enough insight or knowledge at the time. These situations or experiences molded us, and may have stopped us from committing more destructive behavior and pain for ourselves. I look back, at all the bad relationships, friendships, and memories attached to my experiences, and laugh, because I have great memories and have grown after those situation. Laughter supports our ability to disseminate past mistakes, accept our actions, and sends out a harmonious energy in us, that heals our heart. It omits a cosmic healing, vibrational shift in us, and all around us and is contagious. I suggest that you think about a challenge or obstacle, and see the humor in it and allow yourself to laugh at it, and send out that energy vibration to heal yourself. Laughter frees us and grants us the ability to see life for what it is and not take it personal, because it’s not, the Creator has a sense of humor, tap into the Universe and heal!