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Interesting Encounter

Yesterday, I went out to run an errand, and I encountered a individual that was homeless, but also suffering from some mental health challenges, He asked me for money, but I had no cash on me, then he proceeded to ask for food, as he stated that he escaped a place, and was attempting to get some food to eat, well, I love to assist others, whom are struggling as that is my divine calling. He shocked me, when he requested some Asian food, so I followed him into his preferred place, and he started to order his food, but I guess, what shocked me the MOST, was he was attempting to PLAY ME, it was hilarious, he starts ordering A Basil dish, then wanted a frozen drink, and Never checked with me, just to see if it was o.k…. The mental diminished state that he was vibrating at was very noticeable in his appearance, pants hanging down, messy. But he THOUGHT that he was clever enough to FOOL me, you know I stopped that foolishness, and the person that was serving us, stated that he didn’t have the item that he wanted. I remembered something that my Beautiful Mother, Miss Pearly Mae Whorton, use to tell us as children, “Don’t mistreat ANYONE out in the streets, as you maybe in the company of an ANGEL”, so I took one for the team. But I was surprised at his forwardness, and how clever he thought that he was being, it was a very interesting encounter, because he knew what he wanted and executed it. But still attempted to pull a fast one by attempting to get more, and I experienced a woman that I see all of the time begging, we are suppose to help those in need, if we can, but sometimes people act like you owe them something, it made me laugh, but helped me to see, that sometimes you just have to bless those that you can, and leave the rest!!! It remained me of the things that as children, we NEVER seem to be graceful for, always wanting more, and NEVER seeing that we have plenty!!! Just saying, have gratitude for what, and all that you have, as NOTHING is promised!! And thank the Creator, when you are abundant!

Rev. Dr. Goddess Yvette Whorton