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Interesting, complicated, Relationships

There are relationships, and friendships, and misunderstanding, and egotistical thoughts that impair conversations, and increase chaos. But if we just take a moment to process and think, really, think about the wisdom that we acquire during the process. To grow is to become uncomfortable, remove the thought of complacency, and embrace the possibility of new understanding, with the universe, and within. I think of all the amazing skills, and experiences that have shaped, and continue to re-shape my world. Just learning how to breathe, through my practice of Qi Gong, to connect MORE deeply to my REAL self, my thoughts, desires, and dreams, to be able to laugh at myself, and see all the growth that I have been able to achieve with help from those challenging relationships, other peoples crazy, and sit back at the end of the day, and just Laugh, full BELLY laugh. Thank the Creator for his infinite sense of humor, and just Laugh! That’s pure JOY!