I’m a dolphin, Of incredible WISDOM

As a child I always, always, always dreamed of my home, my original home, a place of LOVE, compassion, Hope, faith, and respect for others, and my TRUE Family! Well, I discovered that my original family has always, always been with me along this challenging journey. I want so much for the people around me, for them to see who they are and celebrate their growth, and achievements. But I also have come to realize that people have to want to see themselves, as a SUCCESS, and TRUST the Divine within them, to blossom, guide, and support their dreams. I continue to pray that my Spiritual Sisters, and love one embrace the TRUE Nature of reality, and Know that all is already done, and to remember to enjoy each moment, with gratitude, and appreciate all of the blessings, BIG and Small. Please remember who you are, and start by putting one foot in front of the other, to live your dreams, and NEVER give UP, on your dreams! Continued success, and divine blessings, and always, always, always, DREAM BIG!

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