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” If you have NOTHING Nice or KIND, to say, say NOTHING at ALL”

I had the pleasure of viewing a comedy, as I rarely do, with Eddie Murphy in it, called ” A thousand words” It was interesting, And I thought about US as a society, What importance do we place on OUR words, daily? Some of US, And this is not a judgement, just an observation, just Talk, talk, talk, but do we truly LISTEN? Sometimes, I have observed younger Soul’s, just talking for the sake of talking. I would refer to that energy as a imbalance in the heart Center. Who really talks that much, and mind you without really having anything to say? The things that we communicate should be uplifting, not just chatter, sometimes this just requires discipline. The Creator just wants US to be silent, so that we can really hear the guidance being provided, and you can’t do that, or receive it, if you are always TALKING… What if you only has 1,000 words? How would you use them? What would be the content of your conversations? Would it be something that Uplifts, and encourages or just mindless chatter? Do you value the things that you say to others? Let’s be REAL CLEAR, your WORDS need to be in alignment with what you SAY and do, practice makes PERFECT! I tell my students, and clients, to value themselves, and what they communicate to others, so Please be REDOLENT , meaning strong in what you are saying, and let it be something that The Divine, and yourself can be proud of. When we are loving with ourselves and others, we never have to say, ” I AM sorry” , because you won’t be, “check yourself, before you WRECK yourself” I love that lyric from that RAP song! Just think about how your WORDS affect others, and sometimes RETURN TO YOU! As my Mother, Pearly Mae Whorton use to say, ” If you have NOTHING NICE or KIND to say, Say NOTHING at ALL” No wiser words have every been SAID! TRUTH!
And continued success, and Divine blessings, always!

Rev. Dr. Goddess Yvette Whorton