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I wish that I could wave a wand, and GET PEOPLE together!

Why do we not support OUR own people, sisters, brothers, and I’m not addressing COLOR or family, as everyone that you are related to IS NOT FAMILY, that fake separation, or excuse that folks make to do horrible things, or mistreat people, I’m speaking of ” WHY PEOPLE of ENERGY, as that is really all that we are PLAIN old ENERGY, Not COLOR! Why we dog out one another, speak horribly of each other, and disrespect one another, and not ONLY that we do not even support EACH other in business! I know some incredibly talented Goddesses, creating some AMAZING products, and doing some AWESOME things in the community, and we do not even think of supporting them. And BELIEVE ME, Everyone is NOT a GODDESS, Beware of fake chicks, and PLASTIC FOLKS! I have become aware that MOST folks don’t want you to be successful, because they aren’t happy with their lives, attempting to keep up with the “JONES” instead of living their TRUE LIFE! I do not like people doing my face, or really touching me, but I may support them in another way, But we have to stop talking about people, and what they do and you haven’t even experienced their services. This is a week of KARMA so watch out, some folks are going to be UPSET, because you can’t throw stones at others and not expect them to return to YOU! Be QUICK to LISTEN, and SLOW to SPEAK! . I love my Spiritual Sisters, and we might not always agree, but we support each other, love each other, and stand with one another in times of challenges, obstacles, and whatever life brings US! We are HERE to support each other NOT tear each other DOWN! Let me be clear, EVERYTHING is ENERGY, and some folks need to understand that FACT, and stay in their LANE! I often think that some PEOPLE need a TAG on them with a WARNING Label, what do you think? No judgements , just saying! Let’s be QUICK to LOVE! and WAVE that Wand !