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Growth requires discomfort sometimes

Today I was reflecting on my journey, and how I overcame some extreme obstacles, and challenges, at least I thought so at the time, I refused to allow my situation to destroy my faith in the Creative Mind even when I did not completely BELIEVE in myself. I often think about my mother suggesting, and imparting her great wisdom on me, only to disregard her wise counsel and suffer dearly for not even considering how my mistakes would hurt me later. My mother told me, ”That a hard head makes a soft behind”, never were there greater words spoken. I learned and struggled, and survived my immaturity, and learned, and realized that I did not know, anything, really! Those challenges, and lessons, made me the Goddess, I AM today. Our scars, and pain, we choose. I accepted that there were effects, and causes for my lack of movement, for Not rising to meet the situation, and abandoning myself, for not speaking my personal TRUTH, and not trusting the true nature of reality, and for Not trusting the Creator. Everything in this existence is about the choices, that we make, and how we meet those challenges head on, with grace, mercy, and acceptance for our role in the situation. Never abandon yourself, and accept wise counsel, as that is the Creator’s way to supporting us with Divine assistance! Trust it! and keep moving!