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Feeling FREE to be YOU!

As I have experienced this week, people have a preconceived notion of who or what we all are, and even if they are wrong, most judge us by our appearance, It’s sad because the UNIFORM can be deceiving as sometimes people that appear to be warm and welcoming aren’t, and those that we have judged maybe and ANGEL, and maybe turn out to be a blessing to us! My fabulous Mother instructed me as a child to Mind my matters when going out in public, as I might be entertaining the company of an Angel, and not be aware of the presence. So I make it a habit, to treat people how I wanted to be treated, and respect people upon conversing, and engaging with them, as the blessing is most times in the lesson, and how we think of ourselves, and others is mirrored by to US, it’s a domino effect, nasty doesn’t get sweetness reflected back to it! We have an opportunity to uplift people daily by our action, deeds, and behaviors! And if we are not truly being, our divine SELFS, how can we honor the divine within, and the Creative SOURCE of all, as our actions create Heaven on Earth for us, and others! Honor YOURSELF with integrity an truly LOVE yourself, and be patience with your growth, and respect your cycles in Life. As My mother would say, “There is a time and season for everything” you can’t sow, anything that you haven’t planted and nurtured. All new beginnings start with intent, What is it that you want to manifest for yourself, truly? What are your divine dreams? Are you living the life that you want? It starts out like a seed, and it grows based on what you feed the soul, Be clear on what you want, an Make Magic Happen! But you have to be YOU, and accept your flaws, and celebrate them, as I have LEARNED that they are scars from experiences that made you grow, improve, and learn YOURSELF! The true YOU! and stop seeking things outside of YOURSELF! look within, as the true you is waiting for your acknowledgement!