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” Dream Bigger for yourself, and the next generation”

As I ponder my life, and reflect on my growth, I was reflecting on the tails and beliefs of my wise, Mother, Miss Pearly Mae Whorton. My Mother believed that the woman in her family were cursed with poor dental genes, and she would repeat that conversation to me, and my siblings, telling us that the women in her family were challenged with obstacles of dental health, and so I believed her, after daily saying this to us, me and my sisters began to believe the falsehood. I think of all the times, that my mother stated to me, things that were NEVER true, now that I look back on them, she was just repeating what she was told. This is just one example, of false truths, that we are told about ourselves. These are self limiting believes, like you will NEVER be success, I refer to them as poverty consciousness mindsets, as they limit our growth. My mother is a great provider, and took great care of us, and other family members, but she never BELIEVED that she could achieve anything else in life, but to just get by. We need to tell our children, that the SKY is the limit, and beyond that they can achieve, whatever they can create, to dream BIG, and never give up on what makes them truly HAPPY. I thank my mother for helping me to see pass her limited dreams, and Move toward my desires to be successful in whatever I chose. Her LIMITATIONS allowed me to dream Big for all those that come after me, and to face my FEARS, and embrace my hopes, and dreams for my children, and grandchildren. In black Indian culture, your dream state is your awake state, and awake state is the dream state. I want to create a HUGE dream for my family, friends, and Community that we can be successful in this life, and the next, and have EVERYTHING our hearts desire, without LIMITS, just keep dreaming, and do not allow the past pain, hurts, and disappointments, to keep us from the life, we all deserve. I’m a warrior for HOPE, LOVE, PEACE, and JOY! Let’s support our children’s dreams, and be the parents, that we wish we had. I was blessed to have the mother, that I had as she was firm, and guided me to want MORE, and appreciate what I have, and be grateful for what I have achieved, Is that not a good life?

Rev. Dr. Goddess Yvette Whorton