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”Claiming your Blessings”!!!!

When I think about all of the Divine blessings, that I have received, I’m so grateful for all that I have LEARNED, weather I have gained inspiration, Knowledge, Or PEACE! I understand that I have grown to a point, where I appreciate my life experiences, and those that are around me, are attracted to me for me, and not what I can do for them, often we are attracted to individuals whom we are LEARNING from, but we also come across people whom need to Learn from US. I understand that I have planted many seeds in and on behalf of others, which is a delight for me. And I claim all of my divine blessings wholeheartedly, as I know that I do not have any regrets. You have to BELIEVE that you deserve your blessings, in order to receive them. I’m very happy that I spend the last 6 years, caring for my mother, whom suffers from Dementia, and have provided EXCELLENT services to and on behalf of my clients, and have NEVER compromised my integrity. The joy that I have seen in those that I have HELPED on their JOURNEY, has been PRICELESS! When you truly love what you do, and it creates LOVE, COMPASSION, JOY, and HARMONY, you experience PEACE! Make a daily affirmation to be , KIND, LOVING, SUPPORTIVE, and believe that you are a JOY to others!

Rev. Dr. Goddess Yvette Whorton