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” Change starts when someone sees the next step”

In order for rapid change to start one has to be ready, and it all starts with one step in the direction of your dreams, we are constantly processing in our minds, just how to start that STEP. Just put one foot in front of the other, and just move, just show up for yourself. Just breathe, and Trust that everything No matter, what it seems is going to work out. It’s like learning how to walk, at first you, are Afraid, and then once you get going it’s no stopping you, Remember that you have this, and keep repeating this until you remember. The divine wants us all to be a success in everything that we undertake, so why not you? Do not ruin an opportunity because you are afraid, face your FEARS, and rejoice in the simple fact that you attempted to do something that made you question your abilities and came out victorious, just for making a effort. And if at first you do not succeed try, try, again!

Change your thinking! and just MOVE forward!