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Loss of opportunities

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[vc_row enable_arrows_animation="no"][vc_column][vc_column_text] I have been reflecting on some of my Most memorable experiences of LOVE, and working on clearing some toxic memories attached to the Moon, and all of the unrest in the WORLD. Love is a muscle, that needs to be exercised, and used as much as possible. we become better at LOVE when we surrender to OUR emotions, and accept that LOVE can heal us, restore us, and Uplift us. I want to discuss with you, a great experience that I shared with someone very special

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been reflecting on the environment, People, behaviors, and HOKUM, i.e. Foolishness. I have come to accept that people are MOST times uninformed about life in general, but often times themselves. Some People just do not have a clue, how to treat others, or behave in Public spaces. What happened to RESPECT?, Yes, as Mrs. Franklin said, Just a little RESPECT! We are going through a deep house cleaning now, and re-birthing, so we need to change the way that

It's has been my personal experience, that individuals that do not follow counsel can't be helped, when you seek out someone like me or my Spiritual family, Please follow the directives, and proceed forward, the counsel can ONLY be effective if followed. I have been privy to so many conversations that break my heart, because individuals DID NOT act on the sage advise given. We can't support you, if YOU do not ACT! It isn't my responsibility to do the work for you, if I recommend or

During our journey of life, we are always saying "Hello", and "Goodbye". We experience great challenges, and great victories during this thing that we refer to as life, we are learning, how to be, more than we realized we were, and saying ''Goodbye'', is a part of the process. I recently discovered that it's all about respecting the cycles in our lives. We meet, and share, and then MOVE forward, along our journey to our next steps, and sometimes this requires, just standing still, and connecting with

[vc_row enable_arrows_animation="no"][vc_column][vc_column_text]As I ponder my lives adventures, the ups, downs, struggles, successes, failures, at least I thought that they may appear to be failures, but not really? The things that I desired weren't meant for me, And didn't support my spiritual path, case in point, I committed to a relationship that never supported me, because I didn't VALUE myself at the time, meaning I stated what I wanted but, got "Deluded", mislead, even with my divine gifts, go figure? Laughing!!! I stood in my TRUTH, and was

Now people, Please know that you can't just act and ass in public, and not be aware of your behavior, and the EFFECTS that others May SUBJECT you to by introducing you to a QUALITY moment, of a invitation to kick your ASS, plain and simply! I do not subscribe to violence but people want to impose, and DUMP their trash on you, and continue to think that you should take it, One problem in that equation, That's some BULL****! Get your life all the way

I have been pondering Marriage and what it means to me, Why do many of US think that we can just take advantage of our partner's by ignoring their needs, and wants? We take our partners for granted, and become complacent in our lives. We forget to LOVE our partners, encourage them, and remember what it took to get them. We do not HONOR them by cooking for them, Loving on them, YES

Today I was informed that my sister, my oldest sister had a stroke, and I immediately felt sadness, because Most people do not or are not able to notice the signs of a Stroke, and the signs are the bodies why of signaling to us that something isn't right within the body. My nieces weren't aware of the signs, as this may have been preventable, life is SO precious, and MOST people just walk through life EXISTING, not really living! My sister had given up along time