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Birthday reflections

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As we prepare for the Homecomings of dear friends, family members, and in most cases our parents, What are your memories of them? Are there memories of joy, laughter, peace, chaos, family feuds, or drama?Well, anyone whom experienced the "Whorton Clan" was completely aware that ANYTHING could happen at 8727 Luella. My parents were, old school, and older parents, so they believed in tearing that ASS up, Please excuse the language, but it's TRUE, and Most times, I must say, we deserved that Ass Whooping, clearly. And

About 25 years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting this childlike gentleman, whom peeked my interest, and made me laugh, as he was attempting to get my attention, I love to dance so it was an event involving dancing. I met 2 other suiters at the same time, but they weren't so memorable. I fell in LOVE with this grown MAN that was so tender, and just wanted to hug me , and lay with me, and wasn't remotely interested in SEX with me, at the

I'm experiencing many thoughts about my 52nd birthday tomorrow, and I"m reflecting over my Obstacles, Challenges, and Victories! And in the end, we all become victorious, by continuing to grow, rise up and accept! And trust that you will succeed, thrive, flourish, just trust yourself, and your creative source, the God, and Goddess within!You will triumph,achieve success beyond your Dreams! Dream big, Goddesses, and God! Start to truly live! Goddess Blessings