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“Can’t get right”?

Can’t get right, Stubborn, hard headed, don’t “Believe in my mother’s words, ” Fat MEAT is greasy”, I have to admit use to crack me up, when she said it, But TRUE!!! Why are some so bend on being a SPECIAL EDER, no judgement, just saying! My personal observation, you know why? because they haven’t even attempted to heal their childhood pain, or maybe, ADULT programming? I have to present my SELF, this way or that way, to receive LOVE, which is RIDICULOUS! All that is requires is that you be, wait a minute, drum roll, YOUR AUTHENTIC Self, not what others want you to be? Just plain old you, I AM EXTRAORDINARY, so are you, just take sometime, and invest in you! Spend sometime alone, be still, connect to your MOTHERSHIP, we all have one, Creator, Divine, etc…. But take the time, life is precious, sometimes complicated, sad, an adventure, full of so many possibilities. Are you looking, feeling each moment, truly being, just enjoying the moments? As each moment allows you the opportunity to grow, learn, expand, and to truly see yourself? what are you focusing on, negative criticism from people, or yourself? Stop the Negative self talk, just believe in this moment right, now! You can change ANYTHING, that’s not working for you personally, in your life. It just requires TRUST, FAITH, PATIENCE, TRUTH, and seeking help, that’s it!!! Go within, be still, PRAY…. and listen when the DIVINE answers you!!! Be detailed with your question, CLEAR!!! It’s there, as the Creator has ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS been there, some of you just noticed! And it’s o.k. The point is that you WAKE UP, that’s the gift!!! Avoid the SPECIAL EDERS, as everyone will not make the journey, nor survive the journey!!! So stop worrying about others, The Divine will provide for them, if they did their work? And their behavior, actions, and works will determine that!! Just live your life, and allow that Divine to do the rest!!!


Rev. Dr. Goddess Yvette Whorton