Music, Merriment, and the sexy Lenny KRAVITZ!

Today I had the wonderful pleasure of seeing the WONDERFUL, SEXY, ENTERTAINING, Lenny Kravitz, and the MOST fabulous Goddess, Mamma People’s, and the other fabulous Goddesses! Life is so AMAZING, the day was filled with blessings, great parking, lovely communication, conversation, and laughter! Each moment is a blessing, with Love surrounding you, and GREAT ENERGY, […]

We live in a MENDACIOUS World

It has been my personal experience lately, encountering MENDACIOUS people, it’s a word that means dishonest, deceitful, untrue. I see so many people that are not TRUE to themselves, FAKE, truly afraid to live their life’s. We blame others for our choices, and we do not really TRUST the Creator to provide for us, and […]

My word for today Is ELEEMOSYNARY

In this changing society, We have forgotten to be ELEEMOSYNARY, this word means to be charitable, or donating to charity! Every time, I leave my house, and especially traveling in most downtown areas, you see many homeless people, and people walking around them, as if these divine beings, DO NOT EXIST! Why have we forgotten […]

Sometimes you win in Love sometimes you do NOT!

About 25 years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting this childlike gentleman, whom peeked my interest, and made me laugh, as he was attempting to get my attention, I love to dance so it was an event involving dancing. I met 2 other suiters at the same time, but they weren’t so memorable. I […]