People Let’s be accountable for our actions!

Now people, Please know that you can’t just act and ass in public, and not be aware of your behavior, and the EFFECTS that others May SUBJECT you to by introducing you to a QUALITY moment, of a invitation to kick your ASS, plain and simply! I do not subscribe to violence but people want […]

Freedom of Expression, Be You!

Today I was reflecting on Freedom, and what it means to me, to be truly free, in my thoughts, and expression, and peace of mind. To truly be free, it requires sacrifice, struggle, and loss. We often take this concept of FREEDOM for granted, We forget that we have to BELIEVE that it’s possible! And […]

REAL MARRIAGE, requires that you are ALWAYS, re-applying for your JOB daily!

I have been pondering Marriage and what it means to me, Why do many of US think that we can just take advantage of our partner’s by ignoring their needs, and wants? We take our partners for granted, and become complacent in our lives. We forget to LOVE our partners, encourage them, and remember what […]


Learning something new each day is a PROPITIOUS experience! Propitious means auspicious, advantageous, indicating good fortune. I believe that we are all aspiring to have good things in our lives, and I’m not speaking about material things. The quality of life isn’t based on material wealth, it’s based on kindness, and graciousness, and forgiveness, and […]

Obsequious, Obsequious!

Today my post is about Obedience, that’s exactly what OBSEQUIOUS means, to be obedient or submissive. My post is about how OBSEQUIOUS you are to your CREATIVE force, Are you obsequious to your practice of healing yourself? Are you choosing to dedicate yourself to your life journey, totally? Are you listening to yourself, and speaking […]

Just Because I bless you with a gift doesn’t give you the right to expect me to continue to bless you…

It has been my personal experience lately, that when I extend a blessing to someone, they expect me to continue to do their work for them. I’m not working all the time, so when clients call, there is NO EXPECTATION on my part, to provide insight for them, at that moment. If you want a […]

I wish that I could wave a wand, and GET PEOPLE together!

Why do we not support OUR own people, sisters, brothers, and I’m not addressing COLOR or family, as everyone that you are related to IS NOT FAMILY, that fake separation, or excuse that folks make to do horrible things, or mistreat people, I’m speaking of ” WHY PEOPLE of ENERGY, as that is really all […]