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Beware of Snake Oil Salespersons

It has been my experience in my practice of acquiring knowledge of Self, and those around me that ALL people who present themselves as Spiritual are often MORE Predatory , than Spiritual! Our actions , and treatment of others is a TRUE indicator of if we are walking with the DIVINE I , Father, and Mother GOD. Sometimes, We fall short but the principles are the SAME, ” Do no harm to another individual”, during their JOURNEY! I saw something that disturbed me, recently, I observed a situation where a Teacher, violated a student, and seemed unaware of the” VIOLATION”. When we are surrounded by the DIVINE Essence, we act accordingly with our students never crossing the LINE, as they have developed TRUST with us, and that trust MUST be respected. No one should use their position to suggest, DEMAND, anything of a sexual nature or other ways to a student, No matter, what you THINK you KNOW, because the CREATOR doesn’t work that way, and if you object, YOU are a bold face liar! No one, and I mean NO ONE, has that right to distort the TRUTH! And All of my students can testify, to that FACT, Goddess Yvette is a person of INTEGRITY, in all that she does, and I discovered that someone working around me wasn’t, So let me be PERFECTLY clear, as my mother would say, : what you do in the DARK will surely COME TO Light, as I can SEE you for who you are, and I act accordingly, Because you are the equivalent of a “Snake Oil salesperson”. The Divine SPEAKS for HIMSELF?HERSELF through our works, and EVERYONE can see through a LIAR, if paying attention, My life’s work is about people STANDING in their Personal TRUTH from a space of INTEGRITY, and deceit, and PREDATORY behavior is NOT ACCEPTABLE to me, or ANY of the individuals that I LOVE, POINT BLANK! And the creator is NOT impressed by tittles, or anyone else, because anything that’s GENUINE, AUTHENTIC, doesn’t require lying, and distorting the TRUTH, or require SECRECY, or SUBJUGATION. That’s a False PROPHET, My work speaks for it’s SELF, and the CREATOR honors me, each and every day! By extending to me Spiritual Coins, as those carry the Most weigh with me! So I will NOT entertain ANYONE whom doesn’t respect that, or walk in accordance with this, as it is amoral to commit these VIOLATIONS on others, NO MATTER who you CLAIM to be. And I was taught that by my grandmother, Spiritual MENTORS,  and the Creator THEMSELVES, Father/Mother GOD! Stand in your truth, and NEVER allow a SUCKER to trick YOU! DO NOT BE LEAD by false prophet’s as they love to mislead others, an sale you snake oil. A true spiritual Being ONLY wants to Love, support, and uplift you, NO Matter about MONEY, or GRAND STANDING, just want to see you succeed, and grow! And the proof is How YOU heal, Now…. That’s GOD! The creator Always. always. always DEMONSTRATES, so pay attention to how you feel, and check their ENERGY, feel it, and TRUST YOURSELF! In the words of Melvin Gaye, and Goddess Tammy T, “Ain’t nothing like the REAL Thing Babe” Remember That!

REV. Dr. Goddess Yvette Whorton