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Barn Yard Animals

I have a saying, for those whom have NO upbringing, No direction, No common sense, NOT a judgement, Just an observation, We all see them, “The Barn Yard SQUAD, i.e. Animals. These individuals are Amoral like that clown that we refer to in the White house, They are clearly, Clueless, For real, When you see them, they are dressed to the nines, meaning clean and sharp, and like good, but they radiant NO ENERGY, Just EMPTY, because they ONLY care about outer appearances, i.e. Physical attraction, their BODY, and anyone else that will entertain their shallow behavior, Like the MOVIE ” Shallow Hal”. Please beware as they can be very charming, but NO real sustenance. There should be a WARNING tag on them, when approaching , BULL****! Be clear in your conversations with them, as they ALMOST always want to project their pain, and hurt on others, and ALWAYS act from the EGO, as that is really all that they have, they haven’t developed beyond, Grammar school in their emotional development. My mother use to tell me that everyone isn’t RAISED, and boy was she right! Please put your armor on when dealing with these FOLKS, it can be sketchy! Remember that everything is the Universe is ENERGY, so tread lightly! And remember that just as you are growing, hopefully , they will learn from your example! Be kind to them, and NEVER JUDGE, just observe and Move forward, and TRUST what you are seeing, and believe! May your day be filled with Kindness, and PEACE, and NO Drama! Create the space that you want to LIVE In!