” A woman is Truly Beautiful when she is Loved”

I love old movies, and I had the pleasure of viewing a classic MOVIE, about LOVE, as it’s ALL about LOVE, isn’t it, really? And the Queen of screen, Mrs. Betty Davis, was doing her thing, acting or was she really? And Claude Rain’s a GREAT actor, told her for many years, that she was […]

My word for today is “ERSATZ”

Last week I had the pleasure of learning a German word, “ERSATZ” it means the description of an artificial substitute for something usually of inferior quality. And I was thinking about how people whom aren’t really speaking their personal TRUTH, and being real with whom they say they are affects not ONLY, themselves and everyone […]


I had the blessing, and fortune of being born into a family of SOME inimitable, courageous, righteous, well groomed, charming MEN! My uncles, raised by my Strong great grandmother, Mrs. Pearly Clifton, the ONLY real grandmother that I knew, Not to diminish my father’s mother, Mrs. Margaret Whorton, as she was a FORCE in her […]

“I’m NOT a Bargain Basement Healer”

If you know anything about me, I AM FINITE in my abilities to assist others to HEAL their bodies, spirits, and their minds, but some individuals that rest in their EGO’s ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, expect something for NOTHING, ALWAYS attempting to manipulate anyone that will PLAY their GAME, WELL, NO MORE FREE RIDES, Bargains or […]