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Attempting to Take the Crown back from the Goddess, is attempting to put the Jennie Back in the Bottle, HELL NAW!!!!

As I spend All of my Sabbath’s reflecting over my life, and some of the decisions that I made, weather they bared a storm down on me, in hindsight, as I look back in the rear view mirror, I may not have seen what was coming, But I gained plenty of WISDOM, as these storms created this GODDESS, and my ability to assist, support, and share my Divine wisdom with others, I seek to UNDERSTAND the nature, of A THING, AS that is the DIVINE ESSENCE of Life. We seek to EVOLVE, as the Divine is EXPANDING, we to must EXPAND, and this includes some relationships, even with family, I’m speaking of blood relations, but these are usually Karmic , old ways of ENGAGEMENT are the thing of the pass, that is EXPANSION, right? I NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, in my Chris Tucker voice!!! want to experience the past, again!! I learned ALL the lessons, from these past chapters, as that’s all it was!!! So moving forward, I never will relinquish, handover, give up, let go of resigning my Crown, to a CLOWN again!!! I love my Goddessness, The Divine guides ME, and you for that manner, into Our BLISS, JOY, LOVE, as everything start within US, and radiates Outward, Happiness is Ours, each and every moment, if we are PRESENT, just enjoy each moment, as memories are being formed, for the rest of your journey! Just breathe, release any grief, worry And FEAR, and inhale COURAGE, FEARLESSNESS¬† into your Lungs, and remember that you have two of them, deep breathes, 36 times, connect to yourself, and reconnect, and place your CROWN back in ORDER, and live the LIFE, that you want, or create!!!!! These Thoughts create positive movement, and allows US to attract that which we have developed energy towards, so Stand in your Nature, and follow the yellow brick road…….

Rev. Dr. Goddess Yvette Whorton